Week 9

For one of my learning activities for assignment 2, part of the formative assessment was to create a timeline of events using an interactive timeline.  I found a wonderful resource in ReadWriteThink (2017).  Students can create a timeline with a description of the event and photo.  What I also discovered about this website is that it has other learning tools that provide great learning tools for students.  For example, there are many templates that help students identify and list key elements about a person for a biography or autobiography (my favourite is the Bio Cube).  There are also resources that help students analyse text and online tools that provide students with a creative way to publish and demonstrate their understanding.  This website is a gem and one that I will use.

The one thing that I am still struggling with, is transformation.  To have the students create and document their findings on an interactive timeline is only amplifying their learning.  Thank goodness for expert lecturers (thanks Chris) who advised me of this and provided me with examples of how to transform this learning.  To transform this activity I asked the students to share their findings and work with other students from across the globe.  Since the topic was on the First Fleet, I felt it fitting to share with a class in Britain and inform them of the activities of their ancestors.  When I was at school, this was unheard of.  This activity highlights how they way we communicate with others has changed over the decades.  For good or bad, it is now our way of life.

Here is the link to ReadWriteThink:



ReadWriteThink. (2017).


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