Week 5


How do we link ICT and pedagogy?  There is so many apps and software to use, but how do we know which ones are worthwhile and more importantly ensuring they link to pedagogy and student learning?   Interestingly, in another subject I am doing (Literacy and Pedagogy) we have been given a number of topics are are to chose one to write a critical analytical essay.  One of these topics are ‘how ICTs can support literacies learning.  Of course I jumped at the chance to write 2,000 words on this topic as I can interconnect these two subjects.   The 4 resources model (Luke & Freebody, 2007)  is a perfect example where you can integrate ICT into literacy.  Through peer interaction (teachers helping other teachers by recommending Apps) and my own research, I have no doubt that I can use ICT to deliver an engaging literacy unit while at the same time adhering to the 4 resources model.

four resources model 1.jpg

For the summative assessment in the unit I have developed for my literacy course, the students have an option as to how to present their understanding.  One of those options is to create a SWAY presentation.  I had not heard of this programme until a colleague of mine suggested it when we were discussing something else. Office SWAY in an interactive digital storytelling app where you can create and share your presentations.  A much more up-to-date version of PowerPoint.  This app is very user friendly and middle to upper years would be very capable of using it to create an exciting and engaging presentation.



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Office SWAY. (n.d). Retrieved from https://sway.com/




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